EU Funds for Zejtun Parish

Whoever attended mass this weekend and was listening to the parish notices, have heard the good news that the Zejtun Parish has been awarded a share of EU Funds through the Ministry for Tourism, Environment and Culture for the upgrading of the Parish Museum.

These funds available through the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) are aimed at improving sustainable tourism and seeks at establishing new attractions for tourists visiting our island.  Till now it was very difficult for Zejtun to qualify for EU funding under tourism and culture objectives, simply because the town was never promoted as a tourist place worth visiting.

The funds granted will only cover part of the expenses needed to upgrade the parish museum, which had never been properly embellished since it was set up more than 50 years ago.  The museum contains quite a diversified collection, however the way it was displayed was out fashioned and non-attractive to visitors.

We look forward in seeing this museum re-opened with a better presented collection and more room for proper interpretation to help visitors appreciate better the richness of our Ethnography.   This museum will be an important node in a wider itinerary which could be followed by visitors to our town, being foreign tourists or local visitors.

This project once completed could well serve as a stepping stone to the much needed funds for the restoration of the main church.

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