Il-manuċċa is the word which was commonly used by the Zejtun people when referring to a kite.  This word was only used by the Zejtun people since the rest of Maltese refer to it as tajra, ħamiema or fjamma.

Up to more than twenty years ago the flying of manucci was the most popular hobby enjoyed by many kids and youths during the summer holidays.  Unfortunately this traditional hobby made way for the console games and computer games.

As Wirt iż-Żejtun we would like to revive this tradition and attract children and youths to this craft and hobby.  It is for such reason that we have asked the Maltese kite master Lino Psaila to share with us his skills in this craft.  Lino has accepted our invitation and gave an interesting presentation to a group of thirteen children whom together with some of their parents remained focused for more than an hour and a half on what Lino was doing in front of them.   This event was held on the 18th August at the Zejtun Local Council, Arts and Crafts Centre in St Gregory Street – in front of the Domus youth centre.

Every child was given a manuċċa at the end of the session.

Lino’s full presentation was recorded on video and we will be posting the full video on our website in the coming days.

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