Are we caring for our heritage at Zejtun?

This was the theme discussed this morning at a seminar organised by the subcommittee of the Zejtun Local Council responsible for History, Culture and Tourism.

The first speaker in the seminar was Dr Nadia Theuma who is the Public Relations Officer of Wirt iż-Żejtun, an NGO which has been recently established at Zejtun.  She made reference to her expirience of Zejtun when she was a child and used to visit the town when visiting her relatives.  She spoke positively about the upkeep of the town, however remarked on the neglect shown in part of the rural areas to the detriment of the landscape and important eritage found in these areas.

Rev Eric Overend, the parish priest of Zejtun listed a series of projects which were carried out by the Zejtun Parish to safeguard important buildings and peices of art which fall under the parish’s responsibility.  He remarked on the negative attitude shown by some, which attitude was detrimental to the execution of some projects.  His speech concluded by mentioning the challenge which the parish has in order to safeguard the Baroque masterpiece of Lorenzo Gafa’ from further decay and encouraged the Zejtun people to pull up their sleeves and contribute in one way or another to save this monument.

Perit Ruben Abela, the President of Wirt iż-Żejtun concluded the seminar by referring to the positive response shown by the general public to the newly founded organisation.  He said that the signs are positive especially when one considers the existing fertile grounds for investing in young children which will be tomorrow’s adults. 

The seminar was chaired by Mr Toni Seychell who is the Local Councillor responsible for History, Culture and Tourism.  This annual seminar was organised as part of the celebrations to commemorate the Zejtun Day which will be celebrated on the 19th March.

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