EVENTS: Tree planting at San Klement

This morning the day started with an early shower which lasted less than an hour. We had everything prepared to start the tree planting event at 9:00, and indeed we did as the rain just stopped in time.

This event was a continuation of last year’s tree planting event which we organised together with The ‘Grow 10 Trees’ Project, after the Żejtun Local Council agreed to our proposal of starting to take care of the landscaped area in front of St Clement’s Church, Wesgħet l-Għajn tal-Bhejjem. The area was well landscaped up to February 2019, but following a wild storm, most of the mature cypress trees were completely uprooted and destroyed. Last year we planted about 150 trees and shrubs which we kept taking care of even during the hot summer months. Thanks to this, the area is taking life again with a nice collection of indigenous trees and shrubs.

This year again, members of The ‘Grow 10 Trees’ Project were not empty-handed when they arrived at Żejtun. They brought with them all types of trees and shrubs – so long as they were indigenous! Assisted by members of Wirt iż-Żejtun, they ploughed and dug holes at each and every empty space which was left after last year’s tree planting, and indeed they managed to fill up the area with more than 100 saplings of trees and shrubs. On behalf of the Żejtun community, we thank them all for their support.

We now overlook our mini-forest growing and making Żejtun greener.


NEWS: Supporting student projects

Wirt iż-Żejtun has always supported students in their assignments or projects if and when they decide to choose a subject which is related to our cultural or natural heritage. Ms Caterina Vella went even a step further. She decided to … Continue reading


PROJECTS: Restoration of St Gregory’s Painting

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NEWSLETTER – September 2020 Issue


EVENTS: Qadfa Storja (Bicycle tour)

On Friday 31st July, Wirt iż-Żejtun organised a bicycle tour (Qadfa Storja) around Żejtun touring around historical sites in the town and its outskirts.

The tour was attended by ten persons all riding their bicycle. Among the areas visited were Buleben, St Klement’s Church, the residence of Klement Tabone, Villa Cagliares and the Old Parish Church.