EVENTS: Qadfa Storja (Bicycle tour)

On Friday 31st July, Wirt iż-Żejtun organised a bicycle tour (Qadfa Storja) around Żejtun touring around historical sites in the town and its outskirts.

The tour was attended by ten persons all riding their bicycle. Among the areas visited were Buleben, St Klement’s Church, the residence of Klement Tabone, Villa Cagliares and the Old Parish Church.


ENVIRONMENT: Clean-up at San Klement

A group of volunteers, members of Wirt iż-Żejtun, have teamed up for a clean-up on the traffic island in front of St Clement’s Chapel in Wesgħet l-Għajn tal-Bhejjem. The landscaping in this traffic island is being taken care of by … Continue reading


NEWSLETTER: Ġunju 2020 issue

Issue number 37 of our newsletter is being published.


PROJECTS: Restoration of St Gregory’s Historic Painting

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The painting of St Gregory the Great which has been decorating the altar dedicated to the same Saint and Pope the last four centuries, in the old parish church of St Catherine in Żejtun, is being restored by Wirt iż-Żejtun. … Continue reading


A time to remember with greenery!

COVID-19 has almost completely locked us all inside.  Our children are attending schooling from home and a good number of us are also working from home.  Contrary to our normal life, we have found ourselves with much more time on … Continue reading