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ENVIRONMENT: “Land of high-grade agricultural value”

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“On the basis of an initial agricultural assessment carried out by the Department of Agriculture, the designated industrial land has been identified as being land of high-grade agricultural value.” This was reported in the preamble to policy SMZN 02 in … Continue reading


ARCHITECTURE: Vernacular Buildings at Buleben

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Most often we consider iconic buildings to  form the essence of our architectural heritage and we fail to give any value to our vernacular buildings. These range from what we consider the common domestic buildings in our towns and villages … Continue reading


ENVIRONMENT: Maquis Habitat

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Maquis or Makkja in Maltese is the terrestrial habitat following the garigue.  It is characterised by an evergreen shrub community, with shrubs reaching a height ranging from one to three metres.  Among the trees found in local maquis there are the … Continue reading


ENVIRONMENT: The Timeline of Bulebel Industrial Estate

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(LONG READ) A lot is being said about Bulebel Industrial Estate, however it is worth putting in black and white the development timeline of this industrial area on the island. Following Independence, the Maltese government, through the assistance of the … Continue reading


VIDEO: Interview by news-portal


VIDEO: Temple Rescue Malta produce informative video about Buleben land


NEWS: Zejtun Local Council is objecting to the Buleben Industrial Estate extension

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This evening the Żejtun Local Council held its Annual Meeting in which the public was invited to participate and air its views and suggestions. Following the presentation of the annual performance reports by each councilor reporting on the work done … Continue reading


ENVIRONMENT: Wied iż-Żrinġ

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Wied iż-Żrinġ is part of the valley tributary system which starts from Wied Betta at Ħal Luqa and Bir Miftuħ at Gudja.  These two valley courses join together at Wied Ġarnaw between Santa Luċija, Gudja and Ħal Għaxaq.  The route … Continue reading


ENVIRONMENT: Aerial images of Buleben Industrial Estate extension

Professional photographer and artist Daniel Cilia gave his support to our campaign by sending us the aerial images which we are publishing below. 

Mr Cilia has been a member of Wirt iż-Żejtun for the past years and was always of assistance through his profession to our organisation.

The imagery produced below is based on what was stated by Mr Karl Azzopardi, CEO of Malta Industrial Parks in an interview on TVM news on the 27th January 2018, titled: Bulebel industrial area extension leads to commotion among farmers.   He said that with the project, the Bulebel industrial estate will increase by around 120,000 square metres, which will be used for new industries however trees in the fields will be retained, particularly carob trees which are protected.

If you want to save this green open space, kindly print and sign this petition and get others to sign it.  Send it by post to Wirt iż-Żejtun, PO Box 25, Żejtun.

The area shown in colour is the land which was marked on Plan ZN3 of the South Malta Local Plan (2006) as “Area for further study – (Policy SMZN02)”. This area measures approximately 120,000sqr metres.  Farmers within this area were served with an eviction order.

Top: The agricultural land as is today showing the existing industrial area in the centre and Gebel San Martin residential area on the lower left corner. Bottom: Artistic impression of how the area identified in the South Malta Local Plan as a possible extension to the Buleben Industrial Area could look like after being built for industrial use. A cluster from the existing carob trees has been left unbuilt. (Important note – this is an artistic impression produced for Wirt iż-Żejtun since Malta Industrial Parks plans have not been made public yet).



NEWS: Hunting Lodge of Grand Master Perellos discovered at Buleben

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While surveying the area which is being proposed as an extension to the Buleben Industrial Estate, in order to document any features or buildings of cultural heritage significance, Wirt iż-Żejtun has discovered a building which is directly linked to Grand Master … Continue reading


NEWS: Wirt iż-Żejtun secured funds through VOPS

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Wirt iż-Żejtun has succeeded in securing a €20,000 project from the Voluntary Organisations Projects Scheme, 80% of this amount will be given as grant through this scheme. The project PLAKKASTORJA is aimed at introducing a number of information panels in front … Continue reading

NEWS: AGM passes motion against development at Buleben

On the 28th January 2018, Wirt iż-Żejtun held its Annual General Meeting and the following motion regarding the proposal for the extension  of the Industrial Zone of Buleben was passed unanimously.

The motion reads as follows:

The Annual General Meeting of the organisation Wirt iz-Zejtun was informed of
the plan to extend the Buleben Industrial Zone. It was also informed that
farmers in the area had been served with a notice of eviction by the Malta
Industrial Parks and told to vacate in a short period of time the area they had
been cultivating for a number of years. It is to be noted that this proposal had
been mentioned and discussed during the Annual General Meeting of 2015.

Whereas the organisation recognises that the land in question belongs to the
government and that the rent due on the land had not been accepted by the
owner since the sixties, the organisation also understands the need for
economic development for the benefit of the community. However it also
believes that there is still space remaining in areas which have been earmarked
for industrial use, and this without taking up agricultural and/or rural land.

The organisation observes that in the Local Plan for the South, which was
approved in 2006, there exists the possibility of an extension of the industrial
zone which extends up to Tarxien Road and Cospicua Road. It also notes that
within the same Local Plan, there is a declaration by the Department of
Agriculture about the need of protecting this space from development because
of the agricultural value of the area. It also notes that within this same
agricultural area there is a large number of carob trees, which have been there
for hundreds of years. It must be kept in mind that there have been various
archaeological finds these past years within this same area.

The organisation notes that if the Buleben Industrial Zone is extended as
planned, the perimeter wall of the extension will be in very close proximity
(tens of metres) to the residential area of Gebel San Martin. The residents of
this area are already suffering from the inconvenience of noise pollution from
the existing factories.

The organisation maintains that if this plan is brought to fruition, the urban
zone of Zejtun will become physically part of the urban zone of the  Grand Harbour Area. In this way, besides doing away with the concept of a green
belt, Zejtun will lose the characteristics of a village.

The Annual General Meeting therefore unconditionally objects to these plans
and asks the Malta Industrial Parks to retract them. It also asks the
Department of Agriculture to continue protecting the agricultural value of the
area, as well as the Planning Authority to stop the issue of development
permits for the area, in conformity with the statements made in the Local Plan
for the South (2006). It also asks the Planning Authority, in its next Local Plan,
to limit the boundary of the Industrial Zone to that extant today and to remove
the possibility of any future extension beyond that existing as of today.

It herewith assigns the Executive Council the task of collecting signatures for a
petition against this extension as stated in this motion. The petition is to be
delivered to the competent authorities as soon as possible.

All Maltese, who have our environment at heart and who wish to make Malta a
better place for our children, are urged to sign the petition. For more
information, please visit the Wirt iż-Żejtun page on Facebook.