PUBLICATION: The Żejtun Roman Villa: Research, Conservation , Management

The papers presented during the Symposium 2012: The Żejtun Roman Villa – Research, Conservation, Management have been published in English so that the information shared among those who attended the symposium itself can be disseminated to a wider audience through proper documentation.

This is the first book published by Wirt iż-Żejtun and will be one of a series which we are planning to issue in the coming years.  This is an attractive and well-presented full-colour 144 page publication printed on 135gms artpaper and with a soft bound full-colour cover.

The following are the themes to be covered and their respective contributors:

The Żejtun Roman Villa: past and present excavations of a multi-period site Profs Anthony Bonanno & Dr Nicholas Vella
The pottery from the 1972 excavation at the Żejtun Villa Maxine Anastasi
The Żejtun Roman Villa: Conservation issues Prof Jo Ann Cassar & Roberta De Angelis
What to do with the Żejtun Villa?: A management proposal David Cardona
Understanding the territory of the Żejtun Villa in Antiquity – three new archaeological discoveries Dr Anthony Pace, Nathaniel Cutajar, Bernardette Mercieca, Christian Mifsud, Mevrick Spiteri
The Żejtun Roman Villa – its past and present context Perit Ruben Abela
A drop in the ocean – the movement of olive oil in the Roman period Dr Timmy Gambin
Perspectives on Olive Cultivation and Processing in Maltese Roman Antiquity Dr Joseph Buhagiar
The Roman Heritage in the South Eastern parts of Malta – Management and Marketing Issues Dr Nadia Theuma
The tale of two cities: Connecting with our past through site interpretation Dr. Malcolm Borg & Samantha Fabry
Managing cultural heritage sites in the south of Malta: the experience of Din l-Art Ħelwa  Simone Mizzi

Note: To read an abstract on each paper presented you can click on each of the paper titles above.  To view information about the author of each paper you can click on author’s name.

Orders for this book are being received by Wirt iż-Żejtun by filling in the details below and sending a cheque for the value of €20 for each copy ordered, payable to Wirt iż-Żejtun, and send it by post to Wirt iż-Żejtun, PO Box 25, Zejtun.  Alternatively you can pay through a bank deposit to:

HSBC account No. 056096746001

An official receipt will be sent.  You are asked to keep this receipt since you have to present it when you will be notified to collect the publication once printed.

For postage to foreign countries you are asked to send us an email to since there will be additional postage costs.

Our Bank Account’s IBAN Number is: MT80MMEB44565000000056096746001

Note: This data is being gathered and will be used in line with the Data Protection Legislation.

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