What to do with the Żejtun Villa?: A management proposal

Archaeological sites abound in the Maltese Islands, but a considerable number of them, although important for their cultural and archaeological values, have been left exposed to the elements with very few protective interventions.

In the case of the Żejtun Roman villa, the situation is even worse as although in reality, no basic protective measures have been implemented, it is generally believed that the site is protected from anything that could harm it.  This since it has always been isolated within the boundary wall of a government school, and thus forgotten.  With this study, the author seeks to identify whether it would be viable for such a site to be studied, conserved and eventually opened to the public, or whether the site would fare better by being reburied until new solutions, technologies and resources are available.

David Cardona

Curator for Phoenician, Roman and Medieval Sites, Heritage Malta

Has an MA in archaeology from the University of Malta with a focus on the architectural decoration of Roman buildings in the Maltese Islands.  He has been directly involved in archaeology for the past 10 years and started as a resident archaeologist with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna. Following the few months with the Trust he worked for three years as a freelance archaeologist.  During the latter period he monitored a number of projects all over the Islands, conducted a number of archaeological digs and compiled a number of archaeological methodology statements and reports. David Cardona has been appointed as curator of Heritage Malta’s Phoenician, Roman and Medieval sites in August 2007 and has been managing the 11 sites that fall under the remit of this section ever since.  Among the most important works currently underway in some of the sites are ERDF projects at the St Paul’s Catacombs, Għajn Tuffieħa Roman Baths, Ta’ Bistra Catacombs and St Augustine’s Catacombs, with excavations being planned or currently undergoing in all the mentioned sites.

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