Gafa’ u lil hinn minnu: The History of the Zejtun Church

KnisjaGafa’ u lil hinn minnu (Gafa’ and beyond him): The history of the Zejtun Church is a presentation which will be organised by Wirt iż-Żejtun on Tuesday 19th November at the Zejtun Parish Church.  The presentation will start at 7:15pm.

This presentation is based on research work carried out by Giulia Privitelli as part of her thesis for the Bachelor in History of Art, which was commended by her examiners.  Anyone who is interested in local architecture and the history of our town should not miss this presentation, which will reveal new facts about the history of this important building.???????????????????????????????

It has always been thought that the church was designed by Lorenzo Gafa’ and this building was considered as his masterpiece, but what happened when Gafa’ died?  Who followed up his work?  When was the church completed as we see it today?  Were there any other architects involved in this project? It is thought that the answers to all these questions will be known after Tuesday’s event.


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