A time to remember with greenery!

COVID-19 has almost completely locked us all inside.  Our children are attending schooling from home and a good number of us are also working from home.  Contrary to our normal life, we have found ourselves with much more time on our hands.  Wirt iż-Żejtun would like to promote an initiative among our younger ones, assisted by the adults, to make this time – A time to remember with greenery!  We are therefore encouraging young children and youths to sow a seed of carrob (or a number of seeds) during these days and keep caring it for your lifetime.

Our plan is that within two years’ time, with the assistance of the Zejtun Local Council, we will identify an area in our locality, where to plant these carrob trees, and each tree will be tagged with the name of the person who sow the carrob seed and who will be asked to keep on adopting this tree for his/her lifetime.  This planted green area will be our joint contribution as a remembrance, to us and future generations, of this particular time which the world is passing through.

You can watch this video for sowing instructions. You can pick-up carrob seeds yourself or else we can send you a few by post to your home address.

If you would like to participate in this initiative, kindly fill-in the form below.

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