(#WIZ 05): Discovering Southeast Malta – A Photographic Collection

Malta, a small island in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea is rich in history and culture. Such richness is the result of its important geographical position, which from one era to another was exploited by its colonisers for their explicit needs.  The Mediterranean climate, the island’s geology and its topography, endows Malta with beautiful landscapes and outstanding coastal scenery.  Notwithstanding its size, there is a distinct character between one region and another within the island itself, not to mention the sister island of Gozo. 

South East Malta is often associated with industrial development and polluting sources linked to the country’s main infrastructure.  However few appreciate the cultural heritage assets one finds within this region and even fewer persons are aware of its unique landscape, particularly along parts of its coast.  This is the reason why Wirt iż-Żejtun has sponsored this photographic collection. 

The artist Ing. Charles Mifsud, through his photographic eye, has captured not only the landscape of this region, but also snap shots of the daily life within the towns and villages, their rural and coastal areas.  Traditions and religious heritage are intrinsically engraved into the ethnographic texture of the communities living in this region.  Through his collection he transports the viewers to the past which is still present around us without most people realizing such a fact.   This is a collection implicitly addressed to the tourist of his own region, who easily gets impressed by the wonders of others but refuses to acknowledge that he is surrounded with equally mesmerizing attractions on this small island, in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.

Charles a globetrotter, poet and photographer, refers that in every trip one must experience and discover the surroundings and people of a place with new eyes.  Having experienced his own hometown and nearby Southeast places in new light was an exalting experience for Charles.   

Charles artistic photos are an open invitation for us all to discover the hidden gems of the Southeast and live our own experiences there. More info…..

Price: €5

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